So today was a busy day... had a meeting-picked up "B" from school... came home...

fed him mac - n - cheese and a fruit cup... played... Matt came home... played some more.

Then the little stinker crawled up in my lap.  It was sweet.

He's starting to talk more-and make real understanding words.  As each day of his life passes, I often wonder-do I love him more today than yesterday?!?!?!

I also kick myself in the rear.... on nights like tonite.

So I randomly got a tweet-following some of my mom blogger friends on Twitter... saying #prayersforLayla

And of course a woman's heart filled with curiousity- I clicked on it..

To my heart's surpise... I found the process of a hurting family........ praying for their sweet and beautiful daughter Layla who is dying from cancer to heal.

I had just put "B" to bed... and was sitting in his room-giving him confort to fall asleep.

And as I clicked on the tweets-and started reading the blog... Tears just flew down my cheeks like a roaring rain storm.

This girl.. is dying. She's "B's" age. 

And I can just feel the pain her family is going through.

#pleaseprayforLayla and her family. ....


Now.. I have never met this family... this gorgeous girl.. or anyone affiliated to them.

But yet-my heart and eyes swelled with sadness.

I can't imagine what they are going through. 

One day... this healthy little babe... to today.

The power of the internet... the feelings.. the emotions...

Dear God-can you please help this family find peace?