So.. Sundays I like to tool around on trashy tabloid sites.  Usually I'm forever behind. 

(when I was on the air-I had to prep that junk for HOURS daily! lol)

Anyway. So today-I came across the most REDICULOUS thing I have EVER seen.

These women need to be b*tch slapped.

They are what give women a bad name.

Tiger is a POS.  He makes me ill.

But this just makes me even MORE ill.

Gold Diggin' Dirty Ho.

Thankfully I won't tell you how I REALLY feel.

 **Added later**

Ok-so I have a great twitter friend who posted a comment-and since you may not get that far-I gotta put it in here.  She's so funny!!


Gloria Allred is an opportunistic, bottom-feeding, gross-out, gives a bad name to lawyers in general... stupid person.
Watching this cemented my feelings upon this matter. I mean, seriously, is the phrase "porn star" really acceptable in public forums now? She could have tried to class this girl up a LITTLE by saying "adult entertainer" or something along those lines. Shes so obviously judging this woman. "giving up her ONLY source of income" b*tch please, get a job at in and out burger. (sorry for the double entendre there)

(Click on comments to read more of her funny rant.  Thanks for sharing Julie!!