Happy Saturday night! Wow... do you ever just stop and think-'what about the good old days?'

I did... for a long time after moving to Philly and all the quick changes in my life.

But just recently.. i've really been trying to do a lot of reflection.

So today we went tried sledding.

OMGosh. I am soo out of shape first off.  2ndly-what is wrong with my kid?

He was MISERABLE.  He screamed bloody murder.  AGAIN.  Oh well.. I went down these massive hills and loved it.  I remember quite frankly standing up and saying out loud..

"I feel like a kid again!"

As my wussy almost 2 yr old sat with hubby on the sidelines!

I guess I can't blame him.  It's snow.  Cold. Wet. White. Weird. 

It was fun even with him not loving it.  I caught him a couple times say- "Weeee!!"

It was short lived but some great exercise.

Today is my parents 40th anniversary... so I called my mom & dad and wished them well... They are so cute.

Then tonite-I needed a little 'me time'.  So I went into my scrapbook room and started to scrap.  (Needless to say I am VERY behind.  I JUST finished my kids 1st birthday! And #2 is in MAY!)

I turned the tunes on in my iphone. And decided on John Mayer.

(I know -he says some stupid things-but MAN ALIVE I LOVE THAT MAN!  His music is so amazing.)

Either he's an amazing musician.. or when I hear his music my mind and heart starts to wonder.

And remember.

When he first came out with No Such Thing, I was doing morning radio in Bristol, Va.  I was dating the record rep (well...sort of... if that's what you want to call it! lol)... and he invited me to come to the show in Knoxville, TN.  I thought.. ok.  Fun.  I grabbed my girlfriend and took off down the road.

Knoxville was about 1 1/2 from Bristol...

We get there...and immediately get on John's bus.  Um no.  John wasn't the name of the guy I was dating...

John MAYER'S bus.

Yeah.  I had perks.  Not to mention it didn't hurt to be dating a record rep!

It was an awesome show. 

We hung out with them... and it. got. LATE.  J.M was hitting on my girlfriend hard core.  Like ROADIE hard core.  Damn.  I had to be with the record guy?

((Oh my gosh.  Look how skinny I was? UGH!  Too skinny.  It gave me big ears! lol)


So.. we headed back to Bristol.  My girlfriend was pretty intoxicated (I drove) so she snored slept the entire trip back.

Now... when I hear any of the early John Mayer albums.... I think of my time in Bristol. 

That was some FUN times.

I can't say that it was the best time of my life... because my life is so much different now.  In a good way.  I mean honestly-if I was still living like that-I could have easily ended up in rehab!!! Lots of socializing and hobknobbing with celebs.  FUN.. but exhausting! 

I know. I was lucky.  VERY lucky.  I can be greatful.

But yet.. now.... if I listen to Train.. I think of the early days of dating my husband.

Our song was When I Look To The Sky.  We danced to it on our wedding night.  Out on the ocean.

(I got married in Key West and chartered a catamaran that took us out for a sunset cruise.. ahhh.)

That was the best day of my life.

And now?  What song do I hear now-that in a few years I'll look back and go..

"Awe.. that reminds me of _________ "

Sadly.  I think I might know the answe to that.



What music do you hear that makes you go back to some of the funnest times in your life?