Ok-so my SuperBowl post has been thwarted (I have no idea what that word means lol) from the rediculous snow storm we had here in Philly.

So.... as I'm sitting here watching Ellen - I was reminded my thoughts of the game.

Yes.. I am married to the Program Director of THE BEST SPORTS Radio Station in Philly (97.5 The Fanatic) .... so you would THINK I'm a sports fan.

Well... not so much.  I mean-I am very supportive... cause that's what a loving wife should be.  I am especially in the beginning..

"Cool!  Go Blue!"  are my thoughts in August when football season starts... (Hubby is a DIE HARD Michigan fan..)

But I gotta tell ya- EVERY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ALLLL DAY on the weekends...

I am DEFINITELY ready for the SuperBowl.  Get this over with already!! hahaha.

And then... I was reminded of the glory, sweat, love, approval and understanding that goes into a family where the breadwinner eats, sleeps and breathes sports....

The proudest moment of Drew Brees' life was so embraced with his son and wife.  Awesome.


We always hear about the a**hole athletes who cheat on their families and get caught up in the limelight with drugs, whores, women and anything to deter them from being considered 'a good one'.

And as much as I get annoyed with sports... 24/7....

This brought tears to my eyes.

What a great image in sports after the last big family man Tiger Woods tainted.


So sweet... so real.. so blessed...

Way to go New Orleans Saints!