If you have kids anything like my 2 year old - you have a tech nerd on your hands!! 

Now...that can really go both ways. Either GOOD or BAD.

Boston is a whiz at the iPad and my iPhone so I'm always thinking of apps, games & other gadgets that would be good for him in the learning world!

ShopSmart came up with a list of the Greatest High Tech Toys for Kids:

Fisher-Price Fisher-Price Kid-Tough video camera
Photo: ShopSmart
Fisher-Price Kid-Tough video camera: $60 list; for kids ages 3 to 7
Tired of the kids "borrowing" your expensive camcorder? The Fisher-Price Kid-Tough video camera is easy to use and rugged: It worked well, even after we dropped it. This colorful camcorder features a 1.4-inch color screen and an Instant Replay button, and you can upload your kid's video to your PC. You can use an SD card to expand the memory.
Fisher-Price iXL
Photo: ShopSmart
Fisher-Price iXL: $79.99; for kids to 6 years
 Kids can use the multi-tasking portable Fisher-Price iXL as an e-book reader, game console, virtual notepad, art studio, MP3 player, and photo viewer. You'll need a PC or Mac with a Web connection, CD-ROM drive, and USB port to upload and manage photos, music, and software for the device. Its color screen is touch-sensitive, and the iXL comes with a stylus attached. Like the Kid Tough camcorder, the iXL has some built-in memory, but that's expandable via SD card. Thankfully, the iXL also has a headphone jack.
Vtech V-Reader
Photo: ShopSmart
Vtech V-Reader: $59.99; for kids ages 3 to 7
The Vtech V-reader has a 4.3-inch, color touch screen that helps kids learn to read through stories that come alive with animation, narration, character voices, and music. It includes a dictionary accessed by clicking words in the stories; the definitions are read aloud, and little quizzes test kids' understanding. Six stories come free with the V-reader, and you can download more (some are free) at vtechkids.com. Accessories such as cases and a car charger are also available.
VTech Submarine Learning Boat
Photo: ShopSmart

Vtech Submarine Learning Boat: $17.99; for kids ages 9 months and up
Kids can play both in and out of the water with this floating toy; while they play, they learn about colors, the numbers one through three, and animals and their sounds and characteristics. Play hide-and-seek with the animal characters, including the "dolphin captain." Press a button and answer a question correctly, and the reward is a surprising squirt of water from the submarine’s spout.


The December issue of ShopSmart is on newsstands now; pick it up for lots more family-oriented gift ideas.

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