I've been away from this here blog.. for some time.  And in that time, I've really had the opportunity to really think about what in life 'makes me happy'. 

With the non stop of the holiday season-it's really easy to fall in a funk... whether it be from spending too much-not having enough-or wanting to ring your in-laws necks!?!?!?!

Stop and think about what the holiday season is really for.  It's not for the big gifts..nor the fab jewelry...or even the big toy house. 

My goal this month is to not get caught up in it...but to be happy within it all.  Every second. Every day.

And if I start to drive that short bus off the trail into the trees - I'm going to fall back on the '10 Things That Make Me Happy':

-- My iPhone.  I know.  Sad isn't it?  I went an entire month without it...and I TOTALLY lived.  In fact...I enjoyed it.  But when I finally was able to enjoy it again-I looked at the videos and pictures that I've taken of my son.  It reminded me how lucky I am to have one.  Not to mention it's my 3rd!!!!! 

-- My Husband.  Wait.  It's not his job to make me happy.  Only I can do that.... But because of his love and care that he gives me.. I really appreciate him more.  He knows that we have a lot to work on in our marriage... but we both know how in love we are with each other.  It makes my heart skip a beat to know how much he loves me.... no matter what size I am...or how pretty I use to be...but because of me.  What I have on the inside...

-- My dog Rocky.  Yeah.  If you've been to my house-or chatted with me on Skype...you know how nuts he makes me.  But he really is a great dog.  That poor dog has licked off so many tears of mine.  When I need love...or a lick for that matter.. he's always right there. Since Boston has been born..he's kind of gotten the shaft.  But it's so funny to see them two play together!  Rocky runs around the house like a maniac.  It makes me smile... ((Until he poops on the deck. Ahem.))

-- My beautiful brown eyed boy.  That's a total given.  Anyone and everyone know how much I love him.  He now says 'I love you too, Mommy' and that little booger melts my heart everytime.  He loves me.  Not because I'm a hot mom... or because of the 10,000 I allow him to have in the living room...but because I love him.  I shower him with love.  Not things...but love.

-- This Blog.  Yeah... I know.  I have been slacking for a while.  And even had the thought of stopping all together... but then one of you leave me an amazing message.  And I realize that I'm not alone in this life.  And I remind myself that I didn't start this to make money.  It was started to give me a place to escape... and I've gain some amazing friendships in the meanwhile.  Thank you.

-- Venti Iced Americano.  OMGosh. I love those things.  Now we're into cold weather so I don't dig in very much...I go for the hot drinks...but I LOVE coffee.  We bought a Nespresso machine a couple months ago and I drink it like water!!!  Time to chill out a bit there.. ha

-- A clean car.  Oh heck. Who am I kidding?  I have a two year old!!!  I know there are some crusty french fries in there and still sand from our summer vacation.  BUT when I do get that mom-mobile cleaned out... it feels awesome. ((For about 2 days till it's dirty again.))

-- Holiday Decorations.  When I was a kid my mom decorated our house like CLARK GRISWOLD a story book.  Our house was always cosy and full of holiday warmth.  So much so...that one year she took a manequinn and cut it from the waist down.  And yes.  She did the unthinkable....put that manequinn on TOP of the Christmas tree.  I was actually pretty cool.  She made an angel out of it.  One hell of an angel at that!

-- Traveling.  Oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel!  It's probably one of my most fave things to do!  If only money grew on trees....and this momma would be going all over. 

-- My mom.  I have an awesome mom.  She's always been so amazing to me.  And always cared about everything in my life.  Not to mention.... She did raise me, ya know! lol.  xoxox MOM.

Let me know if you wrote a 10 Things list! 


What makes you happy?