A few years ago....I was driving home from my radio show, talking on the phone to my mom.

I was in Chicago-and because I was on the phone, I ran a red light...and hit a car with 3 old women in side.

I told my mom frantically "I have to go, I just crashed my car!" and tossed my phone into the floor board.

Thankfully, no one was hurt..but would I have had that accident if I wasn't on my cell?

Likely no.

Studies show you are 23% more likely to have an accident while using your cell.

We all know drinking and driving is wrong. Illegal. Impairs your judgement.

So does texting and driving.

There have been many times since my accident when someone gets annoyed with me because I don't answer the phone..... or don't return a text immediately.

And in the past year or so-I've found myself rolling back into the old habits.  Especially since I've become more active online.  Twitter. Facebook. Texting. Emails.

All of it.

And by the Grace of God I have not YET had an accident.  Or even worse.  Killed someone.

Take 10 minutes out of your day-and check out this video.  Pass it on. Share it with your teens.  Share it with your dog if it reminds you how bad it is to use your cell while driving.

Your life isn't worth losing over "Yes" "Where r u?" "Bring home milk."

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