I'm so excited about this!

I actually have butterflies over it.

For a couple of reasons.... one in particular - UM.  This is my first trip to NYC BY MYSELF. ((GULP))

Yeah.  Normally I'm with someone who knows the city...do you know how country I am??!?!?!?! ha  I mean yeah..I lived in downtown Chicago for years - but I've been in the burbs for almost 4 years!!!  I grew up in a small town in Illinois..and I don't care HOW city-fied you are.  NYC IS BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok.  Now that I have that aside....shew.

When I was in Chicago, I got the opportunity to read the Night Before Christmas on stage before the show.  I did it when I was do morning radio and they had 'local celebs' read before every show.  It was a highlight for me.  I of course didn't have kids at the time so I took my husband (was then fiance) neice & nephew. 

It was awesome! 

So today I get to take off my 'mom hat' and put on my 'talent hat'. 

I love to wear that hat once in a while again... cause it reminds me that I am blessed.  I am worthy.  And I'm doing something I love & worked so hard to achieve.

Plus... If I ever have to get a 'real job' I'm in BIG TROUBLE cause I have no idea how to do anything else! hahaha.  I'd be great at being the hired Clown at kids birthday parties. ha.

I'm rehearsing with The Rockettes!  I hope I don't look like a dweeb.  I mean I can't even touch my toes none the less KICK MY NOSE!!! ha

Ok-check back soon for the details!