I woke up this morning with a poor sick husband laying in bed... I woke him saying he's gonna be late for work then when he looked at me...I knew.  He doesn't look good!  He has some wacky stomach issues.  Let's just say it wasn't a good night for him. hahaha.

Anyway.  So I went downstairs, took the dog out and started for the day.

I felt a rush of warmness and couldn't help but find myself smiling. 

I love this feeling. 

I haven't had this feeling in my heart in a really long time.

I mean...I would a little bit...but nothing as glorious as the way this feels. 

I am really believing the blessings.  The beauty.  The love.

And it sure doesn't hurt that it's the holidays and I love the decorations and warmth it creates.....

Cheers to a wonderful day!  We're going over to my girlfriends to take pictures of her daughter (cause I'm one of those crazy picture freaks..hahaha)  Boston and her daughter grew up together!  We met at a baby yoga class when our kids were just a couple months old...nearly 3 years later we're as strong as ever!  Then tonite we're going to Morris Arboretum to see trains and have hot cocoa & cookies! 

This week my husband went out to dinner with a few of his buddies and Boston and I had a special date.  I loved every second of it.

Boston and I watched Santa Clause and we made a gingerbread train. 

Nothing is better than having a child during the holidays.