What does the iPad and Oprah have in common???  Um.  I don't really know. ha

But what I do know is that recently Oprah hooked up her staffers with their very own iPad.  And as the American Magazine Convention wraps up in Chicago - she shared her favorite iPad Apps.  And I have to tell you-it's my hubby's fave too!

She mentioned CNN & ABC News but also said when she works out she jams out to the iPad and plays SCRABBLE?!?!?!?!  Yeah.  Scrabble.  Me?  When I work out-LORD KNOWS I NEED TO- I can barely breathe none the less think!!  Maybe that's what my husband should do.  Play Scrabble while he attempts that dusty P90x that's sitting downstairs that has only been touched 3 times.  AHEM.

Anyway.. I have been asked this a ton-so I figured I'd share my thoughts!

We have the 3G iPad with WIFI - 32G.  What does that mean for you non techies? 

We paid $1,000 for a GLORIFIED DVD player. ha.  At least that's what I think.  I wanted the 3G so that we could use it when traveling.  It costs $25 a month.   But.. if you have WIFI-you don't need the 3G.  Really.  Unless you spend a ton of time in your car-on the road. 

Which...we clearly do not.  We travel-but by plane. 

Now... There are the positive and negatives -


-- BOSTON is a WIZ on it!!  The 2 yo is amazing with it. Plus the learning he is getting from so many apps.  His fave are: Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, FW Deluxe, FW Animals, AniMatch and believe it or not.. Paper Toss!  ((Be careful-you might flip when you hear 'hey you knocked over my beer' when your kid is playing paper toss. hahah Cause one of the places to play in the app is in a bar.))

-- Very mobile.  Can take anywhere.  We take it out to eat with us! ((To entertain "B" if needed.))

-- Clear Screen

-- Many adult apps that rock.  I'm addicted to Bejeweled Blitz.  Save me!!!


-- VERY expensive.

-- Can only watch YouTube videos. (Can't watch most videos because it doesn't support a flash player. VERY annoying negative of iPad and iPhone!)

-- VERY breakable.  You gotta get a cover for it-no matter what!

-- Doesn't take pictures like iphone

-- VERY expensive.

-- Low battery life.  That's ANY mac product though.  And trust me... I have them ALL and batteries ALL stink!!!!

-- Can't print to anything


All in all... I'm glad we bought it because we use it daily.  But I think it would have been smarter to not go for the TOP OF THE LINE Ipad.  Just the basic is totally fine.

DISCLOSURE:  I did not receive any goodies for this review.  I paid for all the apps and the UBER expensive iPad.