I've had quite a few businesses confront me wanting me to promote their 'breast cancer' outreach...and gotta tell you.  I think a TON are full of it.  Looking for FREE advertising.

But this one.

I know for a fact (cause they put their money where their mouth is) that Pepperidge Farms is really giving back.

And it's really easy!!!

If you sneak on HERE.......and just post a personal Milano Moment....

When someone posts a personal Milano Moment on Milano's Facebook Page in October, Pepperidge Farm will donate $.50 per Moment up to $50,000. 

I told you it was easy.  Just a few words and it goes a really long way.

Now..I love that you are on my site.. but right now..it's not about me.  Go post that moment!!!

xoxoxo - Joey





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