Fun Fun FUN TIMES at Wendy's yesterday with so many of my favorite blogging friends. 

Boston and I got up and headed out the door and thrilled to do something different...not to mention have a healthy and VERY affordable lunch!!

Philadelphia has some pretty awesome mom bloggers and they are always so fun to be around. Not to mention-it's like a 'new' playdate when we're with them. 

Ok-so they are promoting their Pick 2 Menu-and I gotta tell ya, it's GREAT stuff!

For $4.99 (NO..that's NOT a typo!!) you can pick 2 off a rather extensive menu.  You can choose from 4 salads; Spicy Chicken Ceasar, Baja, Apple Pecan Chicken & BLT Cobb.

Then you can choose Dasani water, Frosty, small beverage, baked potato, small chili, JR Bacon Cheeseburger, Chicken Go Wrap....YUMMMO!!!

So, I got the BLT Cobb and I have to tell you they ROCKED IT.  I hate blue cheese..and it's a total deal breaker...and every fast food restaurant I've been to say 'we can't take it off; our salads are premade'.  NOT at Wendy's wahoo! I got the BLT and the Chili.  Both were fab. 

I suggest it 100%.  I enjoyed the experience and so did Boston.  He had a blast with his little friends.

Thanks to TheMotherhood for inviting us and being with Philly FAB Mom Bloggers (not in any particular order)Sarah from Genesis Moments, Stephanie from Montgomery County Moms, Shannon from Philly Burb Moms, Joey from Real Mom in the Media, Tara from Baby Momma Blog,  Mindi from Moms Need to Know,  Julie from Just Precious, Linda from Frugal Philly Mom, and Jennifer from Philly Fun 4 Kids.

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post by Wendy's and TheMotherhood. I love both of these places and they didn't pay me to say that.  I was compensated but I speak the total truth!  They both ROCK!