For the past week I've had some kind of FUNKY growth on my face, I tell ya.  I mean really.  It's the LARGEST teenager mark I've ever seen.

So I decided to make an appt. to get a facial.  The woman that I go to fix my eyebrows after I butcher the heck out of them does this week I made an appointment.

The place is called Better Health, on Fayette in Conshohocken.

I've been going to this place since we moved here. 

I went for nails at first...but then Kim (the waxer/owner/superstar) started doing my brows.

I've gotten to know her..... on a more personal level. 

And she's a total sweetheart.  Not to mention she's 1/2 Armenian and married to a full Armenian!  (No.. I'm a blonde German, but I'm married to an Armenian

She's young...and in the past year, she's had some pretty stressful health problems.  Problems that NO ONE at her age deserves to have.

And I'll tell ya... everytime I see her face, she always has this beautiful, positive attitude.

And yesterday... was nothing less than that.

I went into her newly renovated shop...and had the most amazing facial EVER!!!!

I started out with eyebrows and she pretty much tossed me to the curb because they looked so bad.  It wasn't my fault.  I cheated on her with someone else.  BAD BAD me.  Cause she was out for surgeries...I went elsewhere. 

And they BUTCHERED ME.  I never realized how bad it was until yesterday.


Anyway....after the eyebrows I got ready for the facial.  i decided to get a Vitamin C Peel...and it was awesome!  I seriously needed it.  Bad. 

Best of all?!?!?! She does HEAD MASSAGES!!! 

I can't even to really begin to describe to you about my experience.

I had an awesome conversation with Kim... about my life... about marriage... her life... and quite candidly?

How does she stay so happy...even when she could really be down.

And what she told me made me really stop to think.

As much as I'd love to tell you what she said... i don't want to jinx it, ya know?

Ok. You might need some motivation today. 

Kim said to just close my eyes....and feel the light.  Feel the aura of love that God has for me.


It brought tears to my eyes.

It was that good.  It was better than what any therapist put out there for me.

And I thank you Kim for that.

If you are into pampering-be sure to see Kim at Better Health

I believe in karma....big time.  And she's got an amazing perspective on life.

Not to mention-she's got AWESOME services!! 

xoxox Joey


DISCLAIMER: I didn't get any goods or services for this post.  I just want to share a special moment..with a special experience.  That's what life is all about though, isn't it?!?!?!