Groupon is one of my utmost FAVE FAVE sites. 

I haven't made a PENNY from the affiliate program-but they sure have many a zillion pennies off of me.

And today is no exception.....

If you live in Philly-and you DREAM of straight hair-this ROCKS.

Today's deal is a KERATIN treament at AMS Salon.  Seriously... I have some whacked out-confused hair.  Not If I don't straigthen it-I'm a funky mess.

So be sure to check it out-if you're like me.

And as you see in some fun boutiques:  'You're husband called...he said buy anything you want!!'

=)  I love that saying.  My hubby would NEVER call and say that-but it's fun to imagine it, ya know?!?!?! ha