I haven't scrapbooked or made any 'gifts' in MONTHS.  Seriously!!!

Last Chrismas I made abou 10 different 'books'... this year-I got NADA. 

Anyway... I was dead set on making something special for my girlfriend, Jenny.

She's been great to me... cracks me UP (maybe cause she's from the country like me haha)

Anyway-she had an adorable baby boy.  She calls him Jack.

BUT she's whooped by her husband and they named him after Michael Jack the crazed baseball player.  No Jenny-you didn't give into the sports obsession..

Cute kid...

So, this is what I Made!


i just LOVE LOVE LOVE this.  You can click on all the pics to see them bigger...








This little guy is REALLY adorable!  i put cute little see thru buttons on there...








i bought those cute pieces at the Scrapbook convention in Valley Forge last spring...and I have been DYING to use them!  =)








I made this AWESOME texture.  I took a class in Chicago after we got engaged and love doing it... it's on a canvas, and you put gel medium on it-then put Yellow Pages down!!  (Yeah-finally a USE for yellow pages!!!)  Then you 'rip the pages by putting tape on top.. then paint, emboss the edges, etc. 

Hey.  I know. I can be crafty when I need to be!  Have you seen Boston's room?  Whoa...

Words from Will.I.Am  "I got it from My Mamma!"




Ok.. that's a scrappin' rap.