Ok... so I have to tell you.

I'm sad today.


For a number of reasons...


One in particular... I lost a friend.


His name was Art.

He was the camera guy at Better Philly.

He had so much life in him.  He was FULL of it.  ha

I laugh... cause he was so funny. Sweet. Adorable.

And yet... he was sick.

On numerous occasions.....we talked about his health.  He mentioned how he wasn't feeling very well...


I hadn't seen him in forever.  I'm VERY disappointed in MYSELF for not reaching out to him. 

He was married for 44 years.

44 YEARS??!!!??!!  That is so awesome.

He use to talk about his daughter often....

When guests would come into the studio-they weren't sure about Artie....The One Man Party.

He'd say such funny things-that I got it.  So did the producers..... but guests would be taken aback.

i really didn't know him that long.... but long enough to know I admired him.


He'd get so annoyed by me though.. hahah.  Who is this kid who has NO IDEA about television???


I know, Artie-you wished I would have gotten it on the first take.......

But I annoyed you with 32 takes on purpose, ya know.


Hugs to you..... sweet little man... that always made me feel welcome .... and that I was worth something.

May your family's sadness and hurt quickly fade to a gorgeous memory of you......




Here's Art-'AND HERE WE GO-IN 5-4-3-2-1!!!!'