So, this morning I woke up to a great FB message...

Rewind a little.... So months back I did the unthinkable...


((Gasp-sighs-disbelief-"Oh No She Didn't?"))

Oh. Yes. She. Did.

And I don't feel bad about it.

Now before I get into the FB message- let me tell you why.

1st off-it was in COLLEGE.  10 years ago.  It didn't work then-because I had too much ambition.  I wanted to be on the radio or on stage in a big city.  He still had to graduate....and likely wasn't going to move around.  (Not that that's bad-that's great-but it wasn't what I wanted).

2nd - I have FOUND the man of my dreams.  There is not even one hair on my body that could change that. (Great timing-I really need to shave my legs.)

Seriously though.... I had some silly ambition. Made some smart decisions. Made some really STUPID decisions in my life....but one thing is for sure - I landed in Chicago August 3, 2003 FOR A REASON.

To finally say 'I made it' in my career...and accept that anything after that is just gravy.

And to meet Mr. Perfect.  Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Handsome....

Well... I did find Mr. Perfect, but he was sitting down so I didn't know my little man was a 'shorty'.ha

Didn't matter though.  Everything else about him was the perfect connection of what I realized I did and didn't want in a lifelong partner from my 'growing up practice years'. 

That dark-hot-muggy-night when he walked into the bar all alone and drunk as a bee looking for a place to land and looking for the next hot blonde to believe his fabrications woman of his dreams...

I knew he was 'the one'. 

I mean... after all.... he told me he OWNED a radio station.  And he was sitting down... so I really didn't even notice the height! ha

He was it.  Determined. Successful. Mysterious. A CITY BOY. Fun. Caring. Giving. Sincere. Exciting. Eager. Full of it. Smart. Savvy.  Really, I could so go on and on... but I'll save that love sap for a couple months.

So I am 100% in my relationship and marriage to my hubby, k?  Nuff said about that....

(((Wow... I got all caught up in my warm hubby thoughts that I forgot what I was writing about...)))


My FB message. ((dun dun dun duuuuuuuuun))

Anyway.. got a message for an old boyfriend.  Yes. we're friends on FB-don't judge.  ((Besides-hubby knows all about it!  There are no lies in our relationship... except the casual purchase...but we're not going there right now, k?))

My message was just a hey Joey-how are ya-loved your status post about having other kids cause they won't compare to the perfect joy I have now-blah blah blah-my son is awesome too and not sure I can handle a girl-etc....

I agreed! 

It also mentioned my status of when I asked the first of the year-where were you 10 yrs ago-blah blah blah----

And it made me smile. 

Because 10 years ago-I just graduated college-a boy broke my heart-lost a zillion pounds-moved to St. Louis and was on the radio!  How great is that???  He wasn't for me-a GREAT guy-but not for me...but because of memories like that-I (think) I turned out ok!

You see... that's why I think it's ok to 'befriend' your past.  Because your yesterdays are what make you who you are today.

If I never had that 'old boyfriend' I would have never realized my potential... and quite honestly would never have 'followed my dreams'!  Moved to STL, moved to Paducah, Kentucky (create about 10 ex-boyfriends short lived but DAMN fun), moved to Bristol, Va (create ANOTHER 3 ex-boyfriends), dropped entire career with crazy ambition and move to Chicago!

Which.. was where.. I knew I was done.

I never had that 'completed' feeling any of those stops along the way.

Now, mind you, I know that my experience isn't like everyone else.. (that's why I could never pay my bills cause I wouldn't stop moving!!!!)

But.... it has made me who I am today.

Happy. In Love. A Mother. A Sister. A Friend. A Daughter

Notice.. I didn't mention a radio personality, TV Host, or wealthy career woman????? hahahah

Yep.  Those were all awesome things-and I'm thankful and blessed that I have gotten those experiences....

((editor's note-still waiting for the 'wealty' part))

But in the end. 

This is what matters most.

The little dude sitting next to me watching his THIRD episode of Yo Gabba Gabba on my Iphone this morning...


Love my life.  And without all the experiences in the past-I would have never met Hubby and never would have this really cute kid!!!!


Peace Out Peeps.