Oh dear.

I feel sooooooooooooooo bad.

So yesterday, I have no idea what my deal was. Ever just wake up and be a b*tch all day long?

Yeah. My poor husband. He didn't really have a shot. It really was ALL day LONG.

Poor guy. He didn't do anything wrong.

So this morning... I woke up at like 5a and laid in bed.

And I promised I was going to be an extra awesome mom and wife today.

i got up-got some work done.... then Boston woke up.

So I ran into his room and scooped him up... so that he didn't wake Dada up. Although-he kept saying 'Dada' over and over and over...

So I took him downstairs-and he stood at the door as I took Rocky out.

Yeah. That is so usually Matt's job. Just cause I get Boston ready every morning....and it's almost impossible to do both. It's funny-cause you can look out the windows in my neighborhood every morning and the hubby's are ALWAYS the one out walking the dogs.

So.. I came back in, put "B" in his high chair-gave him some crayons... and he went to town.

I made eggwhites and turkey sausage. BREAKFAST!

Awesome... it's 8:30 and I'm the bestest wife ever!

Not so much.

Matt came down-and the dog, still connected to his leash took off. And in the meantime-his leash nabbed this AWESOME wedding bowl that was on one of my side tables. Pulled it off-cracked it to bits-and well...

It was only 9am.

I was bummed..cause I loved it. But.. it was only a bowl. Not a person.

Then, i decided to take a bath.... Man alive do I LOVE our bathtub. It's one of those 'jetty' type tubs.

Boston hadn't had a bath in.. um.. days, so when I got out I gave him a bath.

And that's where I REALLY screwed up.

He has never had a haircut. And while he was in the tub-it was SOOO long - it went down to the middle of his back.

He's pretty much had a mullet for a couple months-oh-try since this summer, I'd say.

I didn't want to cut it-cause then he won't look like a little boy anymore.

But... I got my scissors... with intentions to trim like a CENTIMETER off... cause it didn't 'curl up' anymore. It got to be very straight...

Oh dear. So I cut too much.

Matt wasn't around-and when he saw that I did it-it really hurt his feelings that I cut his hair without him there.

In my eyes... I was just 'giving the curl' a boost.

Until I saw his hair when it was dry.

Poor kid.

I just ruined his first haircut.

Poor husband.

I just ruined his first haircut for his son experience.


I cry. And cry. And cried more.

Not only does it not have curl-but it looks like he cut it himself!



And it's only 10:30a.


Must take nap and start the day all over again.



Sowwy honey. I pwomise I didn't mean to do it to be mean. Just don't ever let me cut your hair.