I very seldom post a blog in hopes for getting you to donate to a cause.

It's not that I don't want to - nor is it that I'm an evil prude.

It's mainly cause I work with so many charities in the broadcast business.... I don't want to show favortism. 

But this time... I'm not posting a 'plug'.

I'm just writing what everyone in the world is talking about.

7.0 Earthquake in Haiti.

You turn on the TV and it's everywhere. 

It's life.

And the power of blogging.

Please check out these blogs that have investigated their causes and know they are not a scam.

Just Precious Blog  - Skip the Sitter

Musings of a Housewife - Compassion

Mommies With Style - Blog giving roundup

The Censible Life - Donating per comment - COMMENT on her site!

For the Mammas - comment here too k!

 Looking Good Mom -- comment comment comment!  =)

Even if you don't have the cash to donate... share my blog post with all!

Cause your PR helps the causes!