Wow.  The past 24 hrs has been a whirlwind...........

One thing I know?

I am NOT 25 anymore!!

So, being in the media has given me some really awesome opportunities.. that, I can not lie. 

I've hobnobbed (is that a word?) with some MAJOR celebs... I have gotten free trips-gifts-cars-lotsa stuff.

But I have to tell ya... even though I'm not on the radio, nor do I have a full-time TV job.. but I LOVE this blog.  It has introduced me to so many things that I would have never stopped to learn if I was still doing what I was doing. 

If you read this blog..... you likely follow many blogs. 

For me... I follow a TON... and that was because I needed some kind of adult interaction that I was missing after I had Boston.  I would read their blogs and know that there are other moms that have the same issues I have. 

I have had the awesome honor to meet some very awesome mom bloggers in Philly.  Well... I've 'known' them online for quite sometime....but now they have opened up their elite group and invited me in!  =)

They all got the opportunity to go to The Martha Stewart Show.

And.. I got to go too! 

They were so kind to contact producers to see if I could go... and I got to.  Joani, the cofounder of MomSpace also went with me.

Can I just tell you... it. is. true.

You can take the girl out of the country...but you can't take the country outta the girl!

I went downtown to the 30th street station...and jumped on a train. 

We went to our hotel...then headed to a Cover Girl Party that we got invited to go to by Classy Mommy.

Can I just tell you... Colleen from Classy Mommy is as cute and adorable in person as she is on her blog!

I felt bad when we walked in the door... they were like all sitting in a circle waiting for us!  Leave it to Joey to not make it on time.  Ugh.. They were so nice to us. 

I got to meet some new bloggers....and some that I've been a fan of.

To be a fly in the room!  That room buzzed with awesome excitement from women that are so passionate about what they do.  Right in the middle of a conversation-everyone's blogging-or tweeting-or facebooking.. it was socially acceptable!  We were all doing it!

After the Cover Girl event-we went down to the hotel bar to meet up with the others.  It was called a Tweet Up! Yep... it was all twitter users...tweeting their event.  Fun Fun!

It hit like... 10p-and Joey HIT a wall!!!  Had to go...and off we went back to the hotel.

Yeah.... this Mama can't party like she use to.  I'm so not in college anymore.  Lesson learned there!

Yeah.. I was THAT Mom.

Out. Of. Control.

Hopefully I didn't sound like a total redneck. 

This morning we got up - got ready - and out the door to get to the show. 

Martha was awesome.  She's actually pretty funny.  Her daughter was on there this morning.  She is HYSTERICAL.  Maybe.  Depends on how you look at it.  She was pretty mean to her mom.  My jaw hit the floor at some of the things she was saying. 

I guess that's what happens growing up a priveledged kid... money... fame... SPOILED LITTLE BRAT maybe?

One of the mom bloggers flat out said "Wow-she was a B*TCH to her mom!"

I'd have to agree....  Or she was just not having a good day.  Let's hope that was it.

Martha wore these crazy 12 inch heels.. that she later put her feet up on her counter to show the audience. 

She said they were on sale.  (ok?  we needed to know that?)  They were Yves St Lauren. 

Oh-and did I mention-through my debacle last night I plugged my computer in and it never charged?

Yeah.  Oh so lucky me. 

Here I am at a blogging event and my battery was DEAD. 


The show was over-and we headed out of the studio. 

I wanted to catch up with the other mombloggers from Philly..but they were already gone.  Bummer. 

So I went back to the hotel-put on fat pants, packed out bags and headed out......

We couldn't decide what to do - so we just started walking to the train station.

We stopped and had a sandwich.

Got on the train-got back to Philly....

And now here I am sitting in my pj's and my toes are about to fall off.

I wore my tall boots-and they rubbed my toes RAW!

LESSON #2 learned by the country girl.

Wear comfy shoes in NYC.

And can I tell you.. I am PHYSICALLY exhausted!  These women live like ROCKSTARS!!!

I have to say... that is my favorite thing about the Philly Mom Bloggers.

They are so into blogging... and their friendships with each other. 

The TV & Radio world is sooo cut throat.  The egos are deadly.

And these women are all competing for revenue.. within each other.. and yet... they all give each other the most amazing support.  I'm in awe with how professional they are. 

Forget the "Hollywood Celebs" I've hung out with....

These Mamas are the REAL celebrities!

Ok.... now that I have 458 emails to tend to.. I think I'm going to bed. 

My sweet bubba is sitting next to me...and the hubby too.

I love this simple life.

It's the best life.

 Please go check out all my 'new friends' blogs! -- my new friend Sarah! -- Melissa.. ADORABLE! -- Mindi -- she's BRILLIANT at saving money!  -- Julie -- the most gorgeous smile ever!  -- Kelly -- Vibrant and fun! (she celebrated her 1 yr of blogging yesterday!  Awesome!) -- Sarah - Mother of Chester County!  Sarah & Shannon rock! -- Whitney -- I followed her and shared her site when I was on the air in Chicago!  She's a pioneer blogger.  -- Sarah -- Media Maven & sweet as can be!  -- Bay -- Super fun!  -- Liz -- spunky!  And sooo tiny in person!  Today Joani and i ran into her ON THE STREET!!  Of all the places??? ha.  Even in New York-it's a small world! Jo-Lynne -- gotta check out her videos and vote for her!  She's an AWESOME cook!


Ok... hopefully I didn't miss anyone....

Shew.  Bedtime.


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