Magic Words.


So lately.. especially in the past few weeks-there have been WORDS coming out of my kiddos mouth!

Everytime I hear it.. I can't help but gasp for breath.  

Tonite.. I have been so 'overly lovey' with him. 

It's like  I just can't get enough of him. 

I chase him around... and just want to squeeze him up.

My fave thing to do.. kiss him like crazy on the back of his neck.

I still get that sweet baby smell.....

That takes over me. 

I can't believe how fast this Mom thing is going....

I know it's cause he's learning so much from school. 

I know that, if I had not gotten the job that I later lost... he wouldn't be this smart.

If that wouldn't have happened-he would have never gone to school. 

He just loves it.

It was so cute.

The other day... I dropped him off and all the kids FLOCKED to him... touching him... pulling on the zipper on his sweatshirt....

And his teacher said "Boston, you're the star today!"

I looked at her and wanted to say-"Today?  You mean everyday right?" ha.

But then I realized... he was wearing an Elmo on his vest. 

He says that word too.  So cute.

My baby and his words:


--Tree (yep-that one came when the Christmas tree went up)

-- coat (he points to it.. knowing what it's for)

-- binky (duh.  Although I hate that word.  But he just loves his binky.)

-- Mama, Dada (magic to my ears)

-- Nana (that is for banana)

-- i queem (ice cream. Don't blame me. ha)


There are more... I just have to start writing them down.

I can't wait till he says LOVE... that will be cool.