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So.. that is Two Thousand Ten.

Can I just tell you how happy I am that a NEW Year is here?

Yeah.  I REALLY am.

2009?  Not so fun.

Well... it had a FEW fun times... but there is no lie when I tell you.. it was the hardest year of my life.

I could say 'the worst year'.. but that's not fair. 

No one died... Everyone is healthy..

So saying the worst year.... would not be  a good thing to say.


So.......  It was the hardest.

A lot of things happened... that I can't wait to forget.


So much so.. I'm not even going to revisit them... No bringing them up.


2010.  Two Thousand Ten.

This is what IS going to happen in the next 365 days... in my life.

And I WILL return here in one year-and see what I accomplished on the list.....


Number One.

Accept the things I can not change.

If you know me.. you know that there is a laundry list of those things.. ha.


Number Two.

Love every moment.

If you know me... you know I have a serious habit of dwelling on negative things... and not embracing the positives.  Nope.  Not this year.


Number Three.

Cultivate and service friendships.

I am a very bad communicator.  I tend to say.... 'oh, I'll call them back later' or 'I don't feel like getting out'.  Nope.  Not this year.


Number Four.

Be a better wife.

My husband has totally stepped up to the the past few weeks.  Well...months.  After losing my job (to his station) I had a very hard time accepting it.  I got very competitive with him.  To be honest...anytime I got press, I'd get pissed cause they'd bring up him-and connect us together... I hated that.  Cause I worked for my name and my success.. Really?  Joey.. (earmuffs kids) Whooooooooofc????  (Who F-ing Cares?)  I'm a punk.  And... I'm going to get over it.  He just wants his family to be happy.  He just wants us to be happy.  He tries so hard.  He loves me... and supports me... no matter what it is.  The only thing my husband wants... is for me to be happy.  Really.  He works his ass off for us.  So that we have a home.. food on the table... And yet.. all he wants is for me to be happy?  Look ladies... you can not have him.  Cause my husband loves me.  I sit here.. and I'm watching the 759th football game of the day.. and I look at him.  He's holding our son... cuddling with him... in sweatpants that he's been wearing for 3 days. Yet... all he wants, is for me to be happy?  You bet your buttons.  I'm going to be happy.. for him.  I could cry.  I'm so lucky to have met this man.. None the less-marry him.  Be his baby's mama. 


Number Five.

Be a better Mama.

I say that and try not to wince.  Bubba just started whining.  Hmpf.  But dangit... he's still cute when he whines.  Yes.  I want to be a better Mama.  I spent so much time depressing on losing my body, job, life, etc... in 2009.  Damnit.  I'm not doing it this year.  Why?  It's not his fault.  He didn't say "I'm coming into this world to steal my momma's job and make her fat!  Na na na na boo boo!"  Yeah.  I'm going to embrace every single second I have with this child... he needs me.  I am his life support.  He goes to the window when I leave the house and says "mama mama mama mama" until I get back. ((At least that's what my hubby says..))  I'm going to embrace him.. and maybe recreate him.


Number Six.

Take care of my body.

Um. Yeah.  Have you seen me lately????  I have completely said 'screw it'.  I know.  EVERYONE says that as their New Year's Resolution.  And they usually fail.  But you know what?  That EVERYONE isn't me.  I have done it before...and by God.. I can do it again.  I'm not saying I want to become that hot skinny wild blonde again.. (Although-I wouldn't kick her out if she decided to appear at my doorstep.)  I am saying.. I am going to get HEALTHY.  Eat well.  Exercise. Feel good.


Number  Seven.

Remember important dates.

Yeah.. sorry peeps.  I can't even remember my own birthday.... so yours, your kids, your grandpa's, even your dog's anniversary?????  I'll try this year.  Promise.


Number Eight.

Blog more.

I love this blogging thing.  And quite honestly.. this is what got me through 2009!  But... I want to be better at it.  I love the whole social media thing.... and this year it's gonna be MUCH hotter.


Number Nine.

Stop spending money on stupid stuff.

Um. Yeah.  There is a man in my living room freaking out and jumping up and down right now... He needs to chill.


Number Ten.

Nourish my relationship with God.

Yeah.  I haven't been the best... maybe that's why this past year.. well.. sucked.  Sorry God.  I mean STUNK.  I know.  When God and I are alligned... so are the stars... and my life.  I'm reading "The Shack" right now.. it has a lot to do with the big superstar Dude.  It really has reminded me about my past.. when I put Him first...and the outcome that came.  God is 'da Man.  We all know that. 


Ok... That's my story.. and I'm stickin' to it.