Ok.  So my son is only 16 months... but we're starting to experience the NOW WHAT DO I DO stage!!!

Last night-obviously he was sick.. was all day.  But when I was trying to feed him.. I was at my witts end. 

He kept THROWING Mac n Cheese, then proceeded to say NEOWEOEW  (like no) and swish his sippy cup off the table.

Um.  Mommy Meltdown???

I just said. 

"Forget it Boston.  We are done."

Then daddy got home... at the same time... he saw me about to rip every hair out of my head and did his best to intervene.

He raised his voice said "We aren't going to do that, Boston!" and slapped the top of his hand.

Oh sh*t. 

Not a good idea. 


It broke my heart... I lowered my voice.. pulled him out of his high chair and sat him on my lap.

I hugged him close.. and talked quietly saying "Boston, we eat at the table and we keep our food and sippy on the table." 

As he bawls in my chest..holding me close.. sniffling snot on my shirt.... I started to cry.

I'm an emotional broad anyway.. but UGH.  That was not fun.

I felt so bad that we were crazed parents when the only issue is he can't talk!  He was sick and didn't know how to communicate with us!!!!

Parents-what do you do in that instant??? PLEASE advice needed!!


Meanwhile.. this made me laugh.