Ya know how you get going and get in a groove of life... and all things that your daily activity entails.


THEN.. your kid gets sick- 102.9 fever... daycare says he can't come back for 24 hrs....

You have a TV shot... radio... and not to mention 1,000 other things to do.

Then the babysitter can't do it.

Well... kid.  It's your world.. I'm just living in it.


Bless his sweet heart.  He just don't feel good, Mommy! 

I know this is wrong to say... but i kinda like it when he's sick.  All he wants is for mommy to hold him. 


I love my sick Bubba.

 CLICK on Enclosure below to hear his debut on the radio.

OMGosh... I will tell u in advance-I stumbled cause he started reaching for the 'red light'!! hahahahahaha