Or maybe not... But it's at least worth a try!

Last night I brought home pumpkin ice cream.

Yes.  I have a pumpkin obsession.  Bad.

There is this tasty place in Roxborough that I drive by EVERY STINKIN' DAY!!

Last night I gave in.

Anyway-I shared most some if it with Boston.. and well Rocky too.

Dogs like ice cream!

He licked out the cup-then this morning-sadly I found something that made me quiver.



I CAN'T STAND ANTS! I hate them MORE than snakes and spiders!!

And ALMOST as much as flies.  YUCK!

We live in a relatively new townhome in a clean neighborhood.  Where did those nasty critters come from????

Anyway.  I decided the GOOD little housewife I am to not go out and spend $5 on Ant traps... and found a 'home remedy'.

I'm not a big cook-but I have the remedy! Cayenne Pepper.  Yeah.  Sprinkle along the baseboards and well, WAAA LAAA!~

When I get home I'll let you know how it went.