Ok. So... time to time I really try to show my trueself on my blog. 

It's more of an outlet to me.  A place where I can release....

I just had a breakdown.

My husband called me and said he had some Eagles player and he couldn't leave yet. 

Ok.  It was 5:44 and baby B had to be picked up by 6??

NOT right.

I know he has a VERY important job-not to mention a lot of stress on himself to prove how great his radio station is.


But I cried...


The thought that my sweet baby is going to be the last one to leave.

The thought that he may think that Mommy and Daddy were never going to get him.

The thought that he may think he was all alone...


Boy did I cry.

I can't imagine. 

Poor kid.


I feel so helpless.

I just want to jump up-run to my car-drive fast-and hold him in my arms....


I am so hormonal.