Yeah!  What a week! 

I went from mom-to-sports-to Dr. Phil? ha.

Yeah... I'm sooo excited.  Sorry I haven't post about it yet-I have hardly had time to kiss my kid on the forehead!

Last night when I got home, I woke the poor kid up and changed his diaper just so I could cuddle with him!  Is that wrong? ha.

Sunday was AWESOME.  I had SUCH a great time being apart of the Phillies Post Game show.


NOW.... moving on. 

I AM GOING TO BE ON DR. PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tomorrow morning.  I HAVE to bring my A-Game.  And if there was a letter before that-then I need to bring my PRE-A-Game!  Seriously. 

I am going to be apart of a round table discussion about Michael Vick and his return to the NFL, even more so-his return to the Eagles!

I'm not really sure if I want to mention my position on it.  I don't want to jinx my train of thought.

But I will tell you-I am sharing my passion and opinion as a Mom on the subject.  I have many reasons to share that to me, it's not just about Vick-it's about all athletes and how majority feel it's a right be an athlete. My views on '2nd chances' and the difference between right and wrong.


So please check out the show in your area!

In Philly, it will air tomorrow 4p on CBS 3.


XoXoXo... say a prayer for me.  To say what is in my heart INTELLIGENTLY! ha.