Ok.  So seriously... I'm TRYING to lose some weight.  My brother in law is getting married in October...and Hubby and I have some SERIOUS work to do.  Honestly...  don't have to get back down to the size 8 I was when I met my hubby.  I was only there for about a week anyway! ha.  I just would love to feel good in my skin.  AND.. 20 pounds will get me there.  Geez.  I think back on ALL THE UNSOLICITED advice I get pregnant... and since "B" was born.. I think.. WHY OH WHY didn't anyone tell me NOT to eat the house and EVERYTHING in it.  Ugh.  Ok.

With THAT being said.  I guess since I couldn't drink alcohol as a pregnant person.. I ate food.  And LOTS of it.

So... in my effort to curb BOTH those addictions.... and to give my child a healthy lifestyle (and not be a psycho eater like his mommy..) I try and give him organic/kosher/HEALTHY alternatives.  And as he had switched from baby food to table food.. that is SOOO hard to do!  Especially when you are on the run and your kid is starving. The stupid convenient drive thru at MCD's calls!! 

Yesterday while at this amazing event I was apart of (which you can see/read about on my facebook page) I was near a Whole Foods so.. since there are forever away where we live and I fell in love when we lived in Chicago-I made hubby take a B-LINE for it!

I found these things that are IMPOSSIBLE to find.. unless it's a health food store.

So of course.. I HAD to stock up.  ha.

Do you notice I bought 4 stinking bags??? Yeah.  Talk about STOCK UP.  They are sooo yummy, light in calories AND taste JUST like grilled cheese!!!!!!!!! YUMMY!!!

I did buy one other bag.  BUT this is why I don't have it.


Seriously.  NEVER give your child an ENTIRE bag of something to snack on in the car.  GET A SNAKTRAP!!! 


I have 5 of them.  And they all sit in the closet.

ONE day I'll get this 'be an organized' parent thing right.