I just had the best 15 minutes I've been apart of in a long time.

Matt put baby B down and he was wailing his head off.

I couldn't take it anymore and went into his room.  He was sitting in his crib and I saw his cheeks wet with tears.  Snot running down his nose...and serious sadness in his eyes.

I picked him up, put his binky in... and held him tight while sitting in the rocker.

And I held him tighter. 

I covered him up as he lay on my chest... and rocked him.

He whimpered... like he lost his best friend.

I started to think about an event that I'm going to be apart of tomorrow and I couldn't help but squeeze him tighter.  He was so tired. 

He whimpered a bit more...and drifted off to sleep.

In my arms.

I started to cry.

This little man depends solely on his mom and dad to take care of him.

Tomorrow I am speaking at a Butterfly Memorial.  It's for the Katie Elise Lambert Foundation.


You see... I did a TV shoot last week and interviewed a family at the Please Touch Museum.  The husband contacted me via facebook wanting to know if I could help.

When he told me what happened... I immediately gasped.  And thought, that could be B.

Katie Elise was killed after a piece of furniture topled over on her.  She was only 4, I believe.

Really.  Do you ever think of such horror?  I can't imagine... nor do I ever want to... be a parent that loses a child.

So tomorrow.... they are remembering her.  And others who have died.  By releasing Monarch Butterflies in their memory.


I just can't imagine.. Life without him.  He is my soul.  He is worth everything that I ever had to give up for him.  And gain.. (fat!)  I'd do it again too, if I had to.  He's worth the world to me.  To think that I was so selfish wanting the 'old me' back.

That poor little girl who lost her life... can wave in Heaven knowing that she just saved one.  We will be bolting EVERYTHING to the walls in the very near future...and I hope if you have a little one around..you do the same.  The statistics are alarming.