Ok ... so lately, I've had some strange activity on my blog... and not to mention when I ustream.

Plus... a few weirdos wanting to be my friend on facebook.  Maybe they aren't weirdos... but they are strangers.

Which led me to this story I read today.

Embedded video from CNN Video


I may be pulling all pics of Baby B in the future. Fortunately I don't post too many pics on here of him.  Mostly they are on facebook and I am WAY choosy about why sees them there.  I at least keep them private to friends only.

And if I don't friend you... or defriend you..... it doesn't mean I don't like you.  I just don't really 'know you'.


I can't imagine.  I'm starting to reconsider this blog.

What do you think?  Do you worry about stolen goods from YOUR blog?