Seriously.  NO SLEEP last night.

I think we are creating a MONSTER.


Yeah.  That is my SON sleeping on MY SIDE OF THE BED.

I have a long (yet greatful) day ahead.  I'm speaking today for the American Heart Association.... in like an HOUR... then doing Phillies 101 with crazed female Philly fans for Better Philly....then on the air at NOW.


And yet.... my child garnered my husband's love over me. 

Sadly, I tried to sleep on the couch but the dog drove me nuts.

Therefore I ended up on the floor in MY BEDROOM.  Aching back.

Maybe I'll put a cushion in the bathtub next time.  (AND A BOTTLE OF WINE NEXT TO ME!!!)

Think I'll sleep?


I guess it's worth it.... It sure is a peacful pic isn't it?


Leave it to me to try and convince myself the POSTIVES... ha.