My poor Babies.

Oh my gosh.

I knew daycare childcare was going to be different... but didn't know it would be this rough!  Seriously!

My poorkids are sooo sick. Yeah.  I know.... I only have 1 kid.  But I have a hubby and a dog and you KNOW what happens when the entire house gets sick!!!  Ugh.........

Yeah.  Everyone wants their Mommy.  Including me!!


Hubby came home early today to take B to the doctor...

He was hacking... the dog was whining and B was wheezing.  Oh Dear.

Daycare Childcare called and said he had 102 fever and he had to be picked up.  And... policy-he had to stay home for 24 hrs... and THAT means... now I have to find another sitter.

Poor kid!  He looks sooo pitiful.

After I picked him up-I stopped at Starbucks and got him a smoothie.  I knew he'd like the cold drink...


Look at his runny nose and runny eyes!  It just makes me wanna cry.....


Any good 'feel good remedies' for babies?