Oopsie.  I took the day off bloggin yesterday.  Not by choice.. just didn't sit still long enough to do so!  ha.

My sister had a baby.  I can't believe it!  I never real saw her pregnant. 

What's even crazier.... that poor girl has two other boys that she had NATURALLY..... and this one was a planned C-Section!  This baby wouldn't turn and they were afraid he was gonna be feet first.

He probably couldn't move in there.. cause he was 10 POUNDS 5 OUNCES!!!  And 22 inches long.  A SERIOUS whopper of a little dude!

They don't have a name yet.. at least not as of yesterday afternoon.  So.... August 11, 2009 will forever be on my calendar! 

Keeping up with kids birthdays are rough, aren't they!  Wowsers....

I'm waiting for her to give me the "RELEASE" to be able to share a pic.  He is sooo cute though. My mom sent pics through her cell phone.  Although, one was really blurry.. the other was pretty good!


Interviewing Jerry Springer for Better Philly today.. and my Bubba is up, ready for breakfast.

Talk soon!