Ok... So it's legal for me to eat my words sometimes, isn't it?

One of my most favorite things to do at night is give "B" a bath and then a massage before bedtime.

My poor kid bathes like I do though... once a week. 

Just kidding.  I saw that cringe.

No... some nights I'm just too pooped.  Today, no matter how pooped that kid needed a BATH!  Serious behind the ears scrubbing and under that chin.

What on earth makes under their chins do that??? The smell alone is enough to frighten off a burglar!!

Anywho, not eating my words yet.

Can you tell I'm stalling? ha.

So, I learned how to do a Baby Massage when "B" was just a couple months old.  And can I just tell you...

HE LOVES IT!!!  Seriously.  He sits there and doesn't squirm.  He especially loves the eyes and head section.

This is the book I got.

I actually have a girlfriend who was my prenatal massage therapist and she was training for the infant massage.  She came to my house and taught me!!  Plus, gave me the book for free. 

(Yes.. I SPOILED myself BIGTIME pregnant.  I HIGHLY recommend it when you are close to your due date!!)

Still stalling.  Not really, just had to build up the story.

Anywho, tonite after "B"s bath, I gave him the rub down.  Dressed him and he started to play.  I got up to grab him and read him a book before bedtime and Matt come up to me.

He grabbed my hand... kissed me of the forehead... and told me that I was a great Mom.

I stopped in my tracks.  Looked at him back and said "Wow.  Thank you."

I looked at "B" and said- "Did you hear that buddy?  I am a great Mom!"


And that is where I Ate My Words.

Then I ate a piece of cheesecake.