So... I woke up weird this morning.  (Maybe because I lost my glasses SOMEWHERE in my bedroom weeks ago...and sleep in my contacts.  Hello, stupid.)

I can't believe it's already Wednesday.  Seriously. Time has GOT to slow down.  I'm going to be 90 tomorrow!!!

Which got me thinking.

What's on my BUCKET LIST.

Did you see the movie? 

If not... it's a list of things ypu want to do before you 'hit the bucket'.  You know, leave the earth..

I guess I've never really thought about it.  I mean.  Who really wants to think about death?

So... as I sit here... i wonder. 

What's on my BUCKET LIST.

Alot of the things that pop into mind are cosmetic... which why waste the money on a body lift, lipo, veneers... if you can't take it with ya, ya know?  I'm thinking God doesn't really care what you look like when you arrive.  He just HOPES that you do.  Ya know.. do GOOD on Earth so that you CAN 'arrive'.


Too deep for me.

Back to the BUCKET LIST.

I'd love to go to a different country with my husband.  Australia would be cool.  Just cause I can see a zillion baby Joey's there!  =)

I say no... no kids.  Just cause I miss that alone time with my hubby.  But I'm sure.. (at least I hope) I make it to the day that I can hope to take grandkids!

Fiji would be cool too.  Although... ones again, cosmetically, I need to do it young.  Cause laying out on the beach is not something old ladies do... unless I'm under a shade reading a book.  And reading...well.. is not something Joey does.


Now your turn.