Ok.  So the weekend started out on a rough foot.  I sure was not the MOST fun on Friday.  Why?  NO reason for my selfish whining.  I was a crank.

I think that just sometimes.. on Friday... I'm 'over it'.  Tired of feeding, cleaning, laundry, changing... Tired of all the things that many dream of.  I kind of want that 'about me' day. 

So today.. is a NEW day.  In a NEW week.  In a NEW month. 

I'm GOING to be a positive person.  I'm GOING to exercise at least 4 times this week.  I'm GOING to feel great about my life.

After all.  Just because I'm not working.... doesn't mean I'm not 'working'.  I am.  Just not getting paid for it in cash.  And definitely not as rewarding as the TV/Radio days, "professionally". 

I've created a life.  A person that loves having me around.  A little man that needs me to help develop him into a wonderful, caring, giving, honest, thoughtful human being that God intends him to be. 


He sure is a cutie. 

I wish you could see through my eyes.

Wait... you can.

This is what I'm looking at right now.

God, I love him.  He is so gorgeous.  I can't believe the Good Lord created that.

It is a blessed day.

Now time to exercise.