Ya know.. after my really lowsy blog post yesterday.  I feel I owe you an apology.

Today.. is July 4th.

The day our country became independent.

Pretty cool when I really think about it.

I live in Philadelphia. (Well, the suburbs...but the same thing...)

The city where it all began.

Within the first week of living here... we did a lot of 'tourist' things.  Saw the liberty bell.

Yeah. That's my nephew Dylan.  He's .... WOW ... just realized ... OLDER!!!  He is a sophmore in high school now.. THEN ...going into 8th GRADE! 

Oh dear.  I gotta sit down.

Shew.  Cooled off now.  Here are some more pics from our first week in Philly.

This is where Benjamin Franklin is buried.  Funny story there.  He's the guy who 'coined' the phrase "A penny saved is a penny earned" right?  (No pun intended...)

But at his burial sight in downtown Philly, every one puts a penny on his grave!!!  That's NOT saving a penny, ya know! ha

This is where it 'all began'.  Independence Hall.   Here is where 'the big peeps' got together and wrote that huge paper called The Declaration of Independence.  Out back is where they read it... if you look at the two dudes... that's the hubby and the nephew.

Yeah.  This is me.  SERIOUSLY 'trying' to be "cool".

This was at DYLAN help me!!  I so can't remember where.  Oopsie.  I remember I had to PAY to go in. The Liberty Bell was free! ha.

Anyway.  That's really what it is all about.

Not to mention:


That's really what it's all about.  Freedom.  Something that you and I (if you are American) take for granted.

Go celebrate..... and remember what it's about.