Oh my gosh. 

I should feel awful for waking up this way... but I have.


Yeah.  I think it started when my husband came into the baby's room where I was playing with him and said "That wasn't in there overnight was it?"  He was talking about the balloon "B" was playing with.

Well no shit, sherlock.


I guess I just get defensive whenever ANYONE tells me how to do my parenting.

I have to admit.  A few weeks back my MIL was in town and she mentioned the dangers of a balloon in a crib.  And.. I had no idea that kids pop it and it eat.  Ok.. so I took that one.

But I already knew that when Hubby came in.

So... I got annoyed right off the bat.

Which led me to getting even more annoyed when the whining began.

Then Hubby ran for his life.


Ok.  It's early.  Time to blow this lowsy attitude out the door and kick it in the a**.

Even though I am one... at least I'm a