Yeah.  So I have poor Boston clothes climbing the roof.

And... my own clothes.

Not to mention....  A Diaper Dekor with no plastic bag and dirty diapers in it. BAD.

And... gained 5 pounds in the last 3 weeks.



I guess cause I feel really guilty right now.


I had a fun TV seg yesterday at the Please Touch Museum.   I got to take Boston too... that was special. 

This is my 3rd week on the air... and  have 2 more TV segs on Friday.


This is all I have begged for in the past year.........


So why on Earth am I bitching????


I guess cause  feel guilty. 

I feel like I'm letting my little dude down. 

I can't take him to One Fit Mama.

I can't take him to The Little Treehouse.

I can't take him and Rocky for walks... to the pool... to playdates.


I feel like a selfish brat.  Geez... MOM, why did you create such an emotional child??? Seriously.

Yet.. I feel bad that I haven't been able to wash my husbands clothes........

I definitely haven't made dinner in almost a month.

And... when hubby gets home at night... he has to work still with taking care of Boston.


But... I'm on the air again... and on the TV...



Like  said.... I feel guilty.

Not to mention... it's costing me more in childcare than I'm making between the two.


What do I do?

Poor kid.  I'm sorry I was such a pain in the a** the past year.