You just might get it.

Yeah.  So.. for OVER a year, I hated not being at work.  And here I am kickin' in high gear week 3.  AND... I feel myself slippin.

Pooh.  I did TV this morning with Boston.  It was awesome. 

We did a segment at The Please Touch Museum.  He loved it.  BUT....he was passed out in the backseat on the way home! ha.

I had his sitter Courtney with us cause I knew I would need to do other things...

Holy Cow.

It's not even 3p and my eyeballs are sagging.

(It COULD be from the 10 pounds of makeup on them!! Ugh.  Hate the hooker look.)


Ya know what... One AMAZING thing about today.

I got to live it.

And... I got to do a segment wth my gorgeous son that  will be on the TV!

And... I'm drinking a Monster and a full cup of Diet Coke.



Riding the large metal turtle.  Turtle was slow though.