Ok. First, I must add.

I know you will be sooo jealous when I share this with you... BUTT... I mean but...

I have THE BEST SISTER-IN-LAW in the world. Don't mess with me. I KNOW THIS. k? =)

Anywho. Her kids are off to camps and she has become QUITE the entrepeneur? I know. I stink at spelling. ha

OK-so if you want to shop for TIffany's, Apple Computers, Ipods, BRAND NEW Movies, and countless other things.

((FYI-You betta back off if I see handbags on there.. you are in TROUBLE. Seriously, I'll call your hubby and get you in trouble. NANANABOOBOO!! )

ha. Ok. Check Out this HOT MOMMA's Store......

Here's some great info on my Girl, Miss Julie...

As an eBay Silver Power Seller:Working Hard!
As a stay at home mom of 3: Hardly Working!
Funny how the time has changed. Actually, not funny! I'm having a hard time this summer with my kids only around about 5 hours a day. Call it a MOMMY crisis! They don't really need me like they used to b/c they're not around all day. Then when they are around, they don't want to play games with me! They are off with their friends, neighbors, at baseball, TKD, and more! SO, in order to cope with the transition, I've buried myself in eBay. Fortunately as a seller and not a buyer! Check out what I've got up for auction now...
Buy ME NOW!!


OH.. And as always.. MUST put a face with a name:

Julie, the cutie with dark short hair on the left with her HOT Mom and of course Me and MY HOT Mom on the right.

Don't mess with these bitches.

We'll take you down.

Oh.. and speaking of which.  If you outbid me on a handbag.  I'll find you.  And feed your kids fishtank to my dog, Rocky.

I'm just sayin..


lolololloololo==.  (No idea what that means but it sure looks good doesn't it? ha.)