Wow.  I feel really strange posting something today.

I'm in week 2 at Now 97.5 ... still auditioning. 


I kinda feel like I'm off to kindergarten and I need my mom to hold my hand! hahahaha.

And then I run back at her crying cause I don't really know what to expect.



When you've been in the 'Mommy World' and jump feet first into the "Corporate World" after some time off....  It really feels weird and tingly!! ha.

Ok. So the station I am at has a new Program Director that started today. 

I was on my way in to do my show... and got a call.

I felt sick to my stomach.  I didn't know.. and I felt like a boob if things changed and no one told me not to come in.

Seriously.  Feeling like a boob is kinda fun.

Ok... ENOUGH of the 'corporate-i have no idea what Joey is talking about-radio blah'.

Back to you and me sister...


Today- FUN info set up for you... AND another chance for you to win a week at Now's Beach House!

Go to and find out the song of the day and listen at 4p for that supercool song!

Then be caller 25 at 215-263-0979!!!

You KNOW you NEED a getaway!!!  And you KNOW I want to give it to ya, sista!