Ok.. so here is my recent Crafting Edition.

I actually have had this done for about a week.  I'm on the radio this week-so you SEE where my free time is being spent! ha.  NOT scrapbooking.

Anyway-this is an acrylic book I made for a Chicago friend who got married.


This is the front cover....


This is the first page.  The tab on the right says "Before".  It is a pic of their engagement with a bunch of fun embellishments.


This is from their actual wedding day.  I edited the photos up a bit to make the colors blend.  The tab on ther right says "During".


This the pics from their honeymoon.  Soo.. I'm sure you know the tab says "After". ha.

I edited the pics on Photoshop to give them a more textured/colored look.  I loved this page.  =)


This is the last page.  More pics of their honeymoon in Italy.  I enhanced the pics to give them a bright color and added the big suitcase embellishment.

The page you can't see very well.. is a wedding poem I found and wrote with freehand.  Then back I paiged the acrylic black and added flowe embellishments.


Yeah fun.

Even though it's nothing special.. I spent hours on it.  I love the gratification I get when I'm finished making them. 

GREAT therapy!  ((Unless the dog gets ahold of it. Then I lose it. haha.)