Today is a gorgeous day in Philly.  At least from my coveted bed this morning!

ha.  I love starting my day while Boston is asleep and hopping on the ADDICTING exciting and fun internet.

Oh great.  -- Total sidetrack.

My husband just got done getting ready for work and told me the words that drive me nuts.

"Rocky didn't sh**."

Lovely.  FYI-a view into our life, taking the dog out in the morning has always been his job.  And his ADD kicks in and he can't wait any longer for the dog to poo. 

Oh...but wait.  HE LOOKS HOT TODAY!!!  And his exacts words were...

"I feel pretty good about it.  My 'soft' purple shirt.  Damn.  My hair is coiffed.  Look out bitches."

Ok... so I embellished that a LITTLE bit.  (He did say he felt pretty good in his 'soft' purple shirt, though!)

I basically said.  Back of bitches.

ha.  OH WAIT-  According to the title of this post-I was going to tell you something very good!

((IF you're still reading my blubberish...))

I have a giveaway on my blog later today that your BABY is going to love!  I hate to tell you though-I'm not talking about your hubby or hot wifey.  Or your puppy even. 

Ok, now I feel dirty.  HA.  Not.

No!!!  It's for your BABY!!  Ya know, like the one I got?  My Baby 'B'!

That's my tease... MUST return back to find out more!