I follow this site called McLinky.

Each week there is always something fun within the site that you share on your blog.

This week, it's tell me 3 things you didn't know about me.

So.. here goes.

2.)  I am the middle child of 3 daughters and now me n my older sis have 3 boys and 1 boy on the way.  NO girls.. yet.  =)

3.)  I sleep with a Bear under my chin every night.  My hubby gave it to me when we first started dating.  It was so soft!  Now... It's a bit tattered! ha.  I'm actually laying in bed typing... with Bear behind my head.

I love Bear.  I even travel with him.  Bet you didn't know that either!!  ha.


Ok, now you can join in the Blog Hop!  If you do, be sure to send my your link so I can highlight it on my blog!



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