Ok.. So I am on the air today.

Boston is still sleeping.  (Or at least he's in there playing quietly.)

I woke up sick to my stomach.

No.  I'm not pregnant.  FYI. 


Geez.  I feel like a 2 yr old on their birthday. 

I must grow up.


So professionally speaking...

About now is when I start thinking about 'what I'm going to talk about'.

I am giving away a chance to win Ben's Now's Beachhouse.  ((OOpsie.  MUST remember it is NOW 97.5 NOT 95.7 Ben FM.))

Now's Beachhouse, qualify to win a week at the SHORE baby at 4p today.  Listen for the cue to call.                  (I'll get the number on here later.. when I find out what it is! ha.)

But what other things would you 'like' to hear on the radio?

What do YOU want me to talk about??

Parenting.  ((hahah.  I suck at that so far.))

Cool things to do in Philly with your kids?


Me?  ((hahhaha.  I got nothin' to say about that one!! ha.))

Entertainment?  ((Hm.  I use to PRIDE myself on being the popculture queen.  Um.  Being a mom has made me sooo out of the loop.. I had no idea that MJ died till today!!))

That was a joke by the way.

Ok.. baby "B" is up now. 

Must put mommy time first.

Oh.. and if you didn't know.. I'M BACK ON THE RADIO TODAY!!!