I can officially talk about it.  Even though... I'm still nervous. 

I'm gonna be BACK ON THE RADIO!!

I'm JUST auditioning. 

BUT I'll be back on the radio!!!

I'm really excited.

You know it has been a rough year for me. 

NO???? You didn't know that??? ha.  Just ask my husband.  Poor guy.  He's been dealing with a mental case.

At least I can admit it right?  That's the first step.  hahah.

Monday through Friday from 3p-7p I'll be on NOW 97.5.  If you don't live in this area... you can listen on line at

It's my fave kind of music.  I will admit.. I'm nervous!!!  And soooo excited.  It's been OVER a year since I've been on the radio.

I hope I make my family proud.