Ok, so Boston is in the bathtub wearing a hat that says "Joey's Angel".  LOVE it.

Anywho-I am sitting next to him this morning and letting him play-so I thought I'd blog baby.

I have been trying to occupy my life with more positive things and have acquired a scrapbook addiction!  (In midst of avoiding OTHER addictions.. ha.)

So I thought I'd share some of my projects. I am still VERY new at it.  I get excited with my finish projects.. but I wish I was better.  I'm taking some classes at the end of the month-hoping to get better.

Ok, so this is my most recent. 

I found these CLEAR Dome rings at a Scrapbook store in St. Louis and wasn't sure what to make.  Aren't these cool???  I am so excited!  I put pics in the middle them.  (My neighbors 2 kids, my neice and my son!)

I ran out of rings... so have to find more.. until then.  This is all I got.  Likey?

Also.. I made a girlfriend a book for her new baby.  I have to tell you.. I sooo wanted to CRY my eyes out.  Our DAMN dog got ahold of it.  ((Actually, I DID cry my eyes out.))


I also made books for the Mom's in my life.  My MIL and My special Mommy....



Ok.. So I'm not PERFECT yet.  But I'm trying!  =)