So I made my own journal. 

Yeah... I know.  I'm a scrapbooking geek. 

But I really need something to write down my thoughts.

I love doing this website.... but do you ever worry or think about... what you share about yourself on the World Wide Web might come back to haunt you?

Even as a 'radio/TV personality'... I ALWAYS try to use my words wisely.

And here... Well... I've kind of been a big mouth. 

I guess cause I'm stuck in a rutty different world than before.

I have to get out of this rediculous rutt.  (If that's how you spell it.)

So... I'm trying to take after my best friend Mandee.


She has become an AWESOME photographer!  Seriously... her pics are cool.

This past weekend, Matt, Boston and I did the trek to Cape Cod.  I was so excited about going.  It was a 'vacation'.  Granted.... the drive was rediculous.

Well, let's just say the weekend didn't turn out the way I had hoped it to... but that's ok.

I managed to take some really cool pics.  (Even though we BARELY got out of my inlaws house there!)

I had never been and was dying to see the gorgeous parts of the island.  And even though I had to grin and bear it.. going to a BASEBALL game wasn't what I had in mind.  It was important to my father in law and Matt... so I did it. 

My boy was taking in the Brewster Whitecaps game. 

With his Papa


Being at the Bay when the tide went out was pretty interesting too....


I love my boy and his first seashell bucket!


My baby Boston now has his OWN beach named after him...  =)


Oh.. and last but not least- HERE is my attempt at 'photography'! ha.


Night Night....