Wow.  Time sure does fly doesn't it?

We have officially been in Philly for 2 years now!  It was just like yesterday when the moving trucks showed up at our apartment in Chicago.

That was me.  Sitting on our back deck waiting.. for the movers.  Boy was I a hottie! lol

Yeah.  I won't post a 'me now'.. just watch a Better Philly video! lol.  Thank heavens for HD makeup!

I remember the emotions that I had that day.  I was really excited, yet really nervous.  A newlywed.. moving across the country.   I mean it wasn't going to be the first time for me.  I was an old pro at moving!  From Waterloo, to Kentucky to Los Angeles back to Kentucky to St. Louis to Virginia to Chicago.  Seriously, ALL by myself on EVERY trip.  I'm a big girl.  I can do it again.

Although... as I sat there- with no job... I started to cry.

I thought when I got to Chicago, I was DONE moving.  I had finally made it in my career.  I met the man of my dreams.  His entire family was there and he had never lived anywhere else.....

Gotta love how life changes though.

Change is good. 

Tell me that NOW, would ya? ha.

The past 2 years have been a 180 for me.  From no job, to a job, to pregnant, to MAJOR WEIGHT gain (self imposed I must add... the baby didn't FORCE me to eat crap for 9 months!!  Geez.) to having a baby, to losing my job... to getting a cool TV job, to still having a blubber butt, to being able to take my 4 month old baby to Baby Yoga classes.....

To today.

He's 1... running the house.  The poor kid is gated into the living room now as I write! 

Matty gave him a chocolate donut this morning.  It was the cutest.  I shared my blizzard with him yesterday.. the cutest!

He smiles at everyone.... He's so smart too.  I don't know WHERE he gets it from!!  ha.

Although my life is different than it was 2 years ago....

I'm finally starting to accept it and realizing the great challenges that lie ahead.

I'm so blessed to live in a gorgeous home.... have a healthy gorgeous child and an amazing husband who loves nothing more than his family.

((Although, he has a degenerated L5 disc and ALWAYS talks about it. ha... ))


I love it.  I love life.

Now.. if I could get lipo or some sort of body contouring-EVERYTHING would be perfect!! ha.

I guess then I'd find something else to bitch about.....